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Naeemah Abdus-Salam


After spending 20+ as an educator in both public and private schools, I have come to the understanding that neither public nor private schools support the needs of students. They do not create an environment where concern for the student is the core value.  Classrooms around the world are not built on instructional models that are student centered nor inclusive of all learning styles and needs. 

While doing my PHD in Special Education,  I came to the understanding that the educational system are designed to teach  students to compete with each other rather than care for each other. I asked myself "Do I want to be a part of a system that is designed for only a select few and all other students will struggle?" 

I had an ethical dilemma; do I stay and be a part of this unjust system or get out and try to do what is best for students?

My  instructional models are designed to serve all students. Too often our schooling system has instructional models that target specific learners. These learners make up a small portion of the classroom and this is not how to bring results. With my background in Special Education, I know that specially designed instruction benefits all learners. Every lesson should be delivered in a way that captures every member in the classroom. Classrooms should be inclusive and supportive of every student's learning needs and  type. Every student is important, has value and something to offer. 

This self reflection brought me to develop and design a program that would serve all students. Students will be given a voice and will be heard. Students will be given choices that will encourage them to explore, discover, challenge and think.  There are no limits that defines the student's outcome. It is every student's responsibility to support the classroom learning environment and the teacher's responsibility to foster a learning community where every student feels safe and that they belong. 

My instructional models are built with multiple means of engagement and around the needs of the student. The classroom environment is supportive not competitive. Every student is important and every student belongs! It is my mission to build strong, confident learners. After all it is easier to build strong students than to repair mankind. 

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